FieWin App

FieWin App Download 2022 Updated FieWin APK Version 5.2.6 and Signup with your Mobile Number and OTP to play games Online and earn real Paytm Cash. Download from below button to get Rs 500 Bonus on Signup. FieWin Mobile App/ Fiewin APK/ Fiewin APK Download.

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FieWin Register

Playing Games on FieWin Requires one time registration with 10 digit mobile number which is not registered before. When you press below button you will get FieWin App register option. Enter your 10 digit Mobile Number and Enter the OTP received on your phone. Now Choose a strong password to finish the registration.

FieWin APK

Here you will get the Latest and Updated version of FieWin APK 2023 . You need to first download FieWin APK file that is 18 MB in Size then you have to install FieWin App in your mobile Phone. Login with your Mobile Phone and Password and start playing games you want. This app is not available on Google or iOS store.

FieWin APK Download 2023

FieWin game involves cash transactions so you can not Fiewin app from Play store and iOS. So you need to download APK version first from link given above and then install in Your Mobile Phone. Installing process may ask for certain permissions from the your device allow these permissions.

You can download FieWin Updated version 2023 from this website and install in your device.

FieWin Complete Details

App NameFieWin
APK Downloads10M
APK Versionv5.2.6 Android
FieWin Ratings4.5+ User Rating
FieWin Review500k+ Reviews
Totals Games7
Sign Up Bonus₹10 – ₹500
App LinkFieWin 
App Size5 MB
Last UpdateMarch 2023
App CategoryFinance
Similar AppCooe APK

What is FieWin ?

FieWin is Mobile App or Website where people can register themselves and play games. If they win these games, people are awarded with real money in their Fiewin Account and that can be withdrawn in Bank Accounts Easily. You should download the App from website which is prominent, credible, authentic, real website of Fiewin. If you download from above button you will get Rs 500 Signup Bonus.

How to Download FieWin App?

After successful registration, Login using your  Phone Number and Password. When you will login into your account, you can download FieWin mod apk and Install it in your phone.

  • Login in your FieWin account.
  • Enter your phone number and password.
  • Now Click on the Download App button at the corner of the Dashboard.
  • Once the app is downloaded you can Install it.

How to FieWin Login?

Quick-Fiewin Login. Password Login. +91. Get Verification Code. Fiewin Login. Don’t have an account? Register. Feedback.

FieWin App Games

There are total 7 games present on FieWin App which can be played by anyone. These all 6 games are mentioned below:

  1. First Parity
  2. MineSweeper
  3. Andar Bahar
  4. Crash
  5. Dice 
  6. Cricle
  7. Hilo

Out of these games, First parity and Crash are most popular and you can earn more from these games.

How to Add Money to FieWin Wallet?

As we know that for earning money by playing games on FieWin App, you need to have some money. For that you have to deposit money in FieWin account and that process is called recharge. Recharge process in FieWin app is very easy and quick but you need to take some precautions and major steps to deposit money in FieWin.

Follow below steps for Recharge:

1) Select the Recharge option from the Bottom Menu.

2) Now Enter the amount your want to deposit in FieWin Account. You have to Enter Minimum 20 Rupees.

3) Now Click on the Recharge Button.

4) Select the Payment method out of given methods. For example Paytm, Phonepe, Amazon Pay, Google Pay or UPI method.

5) Proceed with Payment Method and complete the payment.

6) Now you need to Upload the Screenshot of the Transaction as a proof. 

7) Click on the Upload Button to Upload the Screenshot and Click on submit button.

8) After uploading, within 1 Minute the payment will be add to your FieWin account

This Recharge process hardly takes 2 minutes. After successful recharge, Enjoy playing games.

How to Earn Real Money in FieWin?

FieWin App is one of the best and simple medium of earning money by playing games. This app is very much different from others as anyone with no or less skills can earn money easily. 

Here you have to choose the game which you want to play and bid some amount of money for your desired results. If you win the game, large amount of money will be credited into your account and you can withdraw that money in your bank account. So start playing your favorite games today and earn daily.

4 Methods to Earn Money in FieWin

Playing games and winning is not only way of making money with FieWin App. There are several others ways too, which can generate huge amount of Income in FieWin.

1) Daily Rewards – Registered users of FieWin app get the chance to open lucky draw and get prizes daily. On every 7th day, users get the golden chance to open the Treasure Box which can give you money up to 1000 Rupees.

To open get the reward, click on Check In button on the home screen. And then Click on Check in button. Money you get in this draw is deposited in your account and can be withdrawal in bank accounts. 

2) Task Reward – FieWin App also provide task rewards to it’s users for completing specific reward such that First Recharge, Learn to Recharge, First Invitation, Orders. 

To get these task reward click on the Task Reward button on the Dashboard. 

3) Invitation Commission – This is one of the most preferred and easy method to earn handsome amount of money in FieWin without any risk and hardwork. You have to just Invite other people to play FieWin with your link and if your invitees play FieWin, some percentage of money is credited in your account.

You can use different methods to increase the number of invitees. Many people are earning more than lakh of rupees daily. You can see the proof below.  

4) Agent Million Cash Growth Plan – This method of earning money is related to effective users. First of all let us discuss, what is effective user. So effective user is the invitee who makes the recharge of more than 100 rupees. 

So there are certain rewards on completing certain number of Effective users.  To start the task, click on the Invite Section and then Click on the Agent Million Cash Growth Plan. Complete the task and receive the reward.

Withdraw Paytm Cash from FieWin Account

Many people who play online games to earn money has a doubt in their mind whether they can withdraw their earned money in their bank accounts. If we talk about FieWin game then withdrawing money is very very simple. You can withdraw your money in your bank account, UPI, Paytm, Google Pay or PhonePe account. Here are some steps you need to follow:-

1) On the FieWin Dashboard, Click on the Withdraw Button.

2) You need to add payment method to take your money in your account.

3) You can add your UPI ID or Your Bank account. Select anyone of them as per your convenience.

4) Enter the details carefully and Click on Save Button.

5) Now Enter the Amount of Money you want to Withdraw from FieWin. Minimum amount is 35.

6) Now Click on Withdraw Button and Money will be credited in your account.

7) This way you can easily withdraw your money. If you found any problem in Transaction then you can watch the video or contact us.

How to Get FieWin Lucky Rupees?

FieWin lucky Rupees are the Free Gift of FieWin game to it’s New and Old Users. There are two types of Lucky Rupees, one is FieWin New User Lucky Rupees and another is Registered User Lucky Rupees. 

You can get the lucky rupees from below link. Click On the Link as per your situation. 

Steps to Claim Lucky Rupees.

1) Click on the above link.

2) Click on Get it Now Button if you are Registered User.

3) Click On Register Button if you are new user.

4) Once your perform the action, Some amount of Money will be credited in your account.

FieWin Color Prediction

As we know all the games which are present in Fiewin are based on prediction method. Anyone who predicts right color or Number is regarded as winner in this game. So getting right prediction is key to success in Fiewin app. One of the best method of predicting right color in Fiewin is by observing the previous record.

If we talk in Nutshell then try to predict the color in Fiewin by looking the previous pattern of the result. As result of the Game is published immediately and many things can be concluded from the result only. So by looking at the result you can predict the right color.

FieWin App Pros & Cons


More than crores of users are registered on FieWin App and actively playing games. Below are some notable features of the FieWin app which makes it favorable online gaming platform than others.

  • Simple, Crisp and User Friendly Interface
  • Easy and quick Withdrawal Process
  • Cash Deposit Process is simple and quick.
  • High Level of Security
  • Daily Rewards
  • Interesting Games to play
  • Refer and earn programme
  • Task Rewards


Beside above features of FieWin app there are certain shortcomings also. We have mentioned all of them here. You should consider these cons while using the app.

  • FieWin App is not available on Play Store.
  • Sometimes transactions get failed.
  • There are less number of games present in app.
  • Sometimes user’s account gets blocked for no reason.
  • Contact and support is very poor. 

FieWin Earning Proofs

There are other apps like FieWin which claims to be the best source of earning money by playing online games but later prove to be fraud or fake. But Fiewin is 100 percent authentic and real source of money and all the winnings are 100 percent real. You can withdraw them in your UPI and Bank Account. Here you can see various Fiewin earning proofs. These images are the proof that Fiewin is best online earning platform in current scenario.

FieWin Complaint Process

If you are facing any problem with FieWin like withdrawing money, Recharging, Playing Games or any kind of issues then you can directly contact FieWin authorities through the steps given below.

1) Click on My Button from Bottom Menu.

2) Now Click on the Support Button

3) You will be redirected to the Telegram Channel where you can send your query to the FieWin Team and they will provide you with valid solution.

Fiewin People Also Ask: (FAQ.)

FieWin game is legit as per the laws made by government and is completely legal to play games and earn money. This is completely valid process of earning money.
As we know FieWin game is based on luck and very little skills and talent. So in Guess work, no tips and tricks can actual work. You should play smartly instead of applying some tricks which can result in money loss.
You will get Rs100 on signup in Fiewin. You can use above link to Register in FieWin.

A part from earning money by playing games, users can also earn good amount of money by referring this FieWin App to their friends and relatives.

The invitee will get ₹10 reward – Click Here

Lucky Rupees link – Click Here

There is certain amount of tax fees that is deducted when you withdraw some amount of money in your account.
Amount<₹1500,fee ₹30 Amount>=₹1500,fee 2%

If you download FieWin App or Login through the below given link, you can get FieWin Lucky Rupees. Many users get the lucky money daily.

There is no such number provided by FieWin App.

While using app, if you face any problem of Adding Cash, Withdrawing Cash or any other kind of Genuine problem then you can contact FieWin Team directly to get your problem solved. User must fill Contact Us from given here and mention your Name, Issue and your Mail Address. After filling up the Form, wait for 2 working days for the FieWin team to reply. 

Contact FieWin Team

There are total 6 games present on FieWin App which can be played by anyone. These all 6 games are mentioned below:

  1. First Parity
  2. MineSweeper
  3. Andar Bahar
  4. Crash
  5. Dice 
  6. Hilo

Out of these games, First parity and Crash are most popular and you can earn more from these games.

After Signup in FieWin, the first thing you need to do is to Login in your account. Let’s inform you that you have to use same number by which you have registered and the password you entered while registration. 

If you have forgotten your password then  you can chose the alternative method of logging your fiewin account. For that you have to enter the One Time Password sent on your mobile number.