FieWin App Download 2023 | FieWin APK Updated Version

If you want a promising earning app, then there is only one app you can think of which is the Fiewin App Download. Fiewin is the top most reliable and popular app for earning money online. Also, by trying out the FieWin App Download, you will choose the number one earning app that is right for you. With this article, you will also get to know about the FieWin App Download and learn how to start earning money with it.

FieWin App Download 2023 | FieWin APK Updated Version

FieWin Complete Details

App Name FieWin
APK Downloads 10M
APK Version v5.2.6 Android
FieWin Ratings 4.5+ User Rating
FieWin Review 500k+ Reviews
Totals Games 7
Sign Up Bonus ₹10 – ₹500
App Link FieWin
App Size 5 MB
Last Update April 2023
App Category Finance
Similar App Daman Games

What is FieWin ?

FieWin is Mobile App or Website where people can register themselves and play games. If they win these games, people are awarded with real money in their Fiewin Account and that can be withdrawn in Bank Accounts Easily. You should download the App from website which is prominent, credible, authentic, real website of Fiewin. If you download from above button you will get Rs 500 Signup Bonus.

How To Register An Account On Fiewin App

If you are interested in using the Fiewin App, you will need to signup for an account. It is a less time-consuming and easy process. Here’s a quick overview of how to register for an account on the Fiewin app.

Step 1 – As the first thing, visit the Fiewin website.

Step 2 – You will see a register button, click on it, and you will move to the Fiewin register page.

Step 3 – Here, you have to input your mobile number and a verification code.

Step 4 – Also, create a log in password.

Step 5 – Click on register, and your Fiewin account will be accessible.

The Fiewin app also gives a register bonus to their users of ₹10, which is not enough for playing games on the Fiewin app, but still, this is a free bonus that you can take.

How To Download Fiewin APK Version 6.2

Although, you can register an account from the Fiewin website. But you will get the most out of the features by downloading the fiewin mod apk auto win. Therefore, here’s a quick overview that can help you to download the latest version of fiewin mod apk download, which is 6.2 and with this, you can also download the Fiewin 6.0 APK previous version.

Step 1 – As the first thing, visit the Fiewin website and register an account on the website.

Step 2 – Now, go to the My Account page.

Step 3 – Click on the Download Android app, and your Fiewin APK latest version will start downloading.

Step 4 – Now, go to your android device setting and enable the installation from unknown sources.

Step 5 – The fiewin 4rs link file will be found in the device’s path. Install it and start accessing the Fiewin APK 2024 latest version.

How To Do A Fiewin Login

Either you can login to the Fiewin website or you can login to the Fiewin app. It’s up to you. Now, you have two options for login into the fiewin mod apk account. First, you can enter your registered mobile number and password, or secondly, you can do a quick login by entering your mobile number and verifying it with an OTP.

1. Quick Login

  • In the Quick Fiewin login process,
  • Firstly, you have to Enter your mobile no.
  • Click on Get verification code.
  • Input your verification code received on your entered mobile no.
  • Now, click on the Login Option
  • Finally, you are successfully login into Fiewin.

2. Password Login

  • In the Password login process,
  • Firstly, you have to Enter your mobile no.
  • Then, You have to enter your password(>=6 characters)
  • Now, click on the Login Option
  • Finally, you are successfully login into Fiewin.

Playing Games On Fiewin And Earning Money

You can play games on the Fiewin app and earn money from the app. All of Fiewin’s games are betting games. You can experience these games by registering on the Fiewin app. The games featured on the Fiewin app will give you a realistic experience while earning money on the app.

As of now, there are seven games featured on the fiewin crash mod apk. But you will discover the same type of games on the Fiewin app, which are mainly betting and prediction-based games.

The seven games which are featured on the fiewin mod app involve some traditional prediction-based games like fiewin fast parity hack apk, Minesweeper, fiewin crash game hack, and Circle games. The Fiewin app also involves some betting card games, Andar Bahar, Hilo, and Dice games.

All of these games can be played by doing a bet on the Fiewin app to double your money and getting some extra cash from the Fiewin app.

Fiewin Invite Program For Earning Money 

You can also consider the Fiewin invite and earn program for earning money on their fiewin lucky rupees. The invite and earn program will be the safest and best way for earning on the Fiewin app.

To earn in Fiewin’s invite and earn program, you must invite new people to the fiewin combo mod apk download. If you bring more people on the Fiewin app, you will start earning a commission. The commission is very high on the Fiewin app. That’s why I have recommended you consider the Fiewin invite and earn as your top priority.

But how you can bring new people to the Fiewin app? So you can bring new people on the Fiewin app by sharing your unique referral link with others. You can get your unique referral link on the Fiewin invite page. Further, you can share it on any platform you can.

Fiewin App Features

I will share with you some features of the Fiewin App, and after that, you can decide whether you want to use the fiewin agent job or not.

1. User-Friendly Experience  The Fiewin app is designed for getting an easy-to-use interface. The Fiewin app is user-friendly, you can download the Fiewin app and play realistic games on the app. Also, registering on the Fiewin app is also a very easy task to do.

The betting experience on the Fiewin app will be also user-friendly which is safe and secure. If you are really up for playing Fiewin games and betting, then the Fiewin app will give you a good experience and will never disappoint you.

2. Playing Fiewin Games With Real People  The Fiewin app will let you play Fiewin games with real people. Though, you will not be competing against other people because you will be betting for only your sake. But at the same time, a thousand people will be betting with you to earn money on the Fiewin app.

3. Transactions  Another great feature of the Fiewin app would be doing transactions on their app. Whether you’re adding or withdrawing cash, Fiewin’s app ensures a smooth and safe transaction. Based on my experience, adding cash or withdrawing cash through the Fiewin app is safe and you can trust the Fiewin app while doing any transactions.

4. Bonuses  Another impressive feature of the Fiewin App is that it provided many bonuses to its users, which is an attractive part of registering for the app. Therefore, you can also register for the Fiewin app and take advantage of the bonuses given by the Fiewin app.

Moreover, the Fiewin app gives more bonuses to their existing user. These bonuses are for completing tasks on the Fiewin app. You can complete some simple tasks given by the Fiewin app and for completing these tasks you can get many rewards.

You can also earn more bonuses by daily login into the Fiewin app and claiming your daily Fiewin bonus.

How To Recharge On Fiewin App

As we know that for earning money by playing games on FieWin App, you need to have some money. For that you have to deposit money in FieWin account and that process is called recharge. Recharge process in FieWin app is very easy and quick but you need to take some precautions and major steps to deposit money in FieWin.

Follow below steps for Recharge:

1) Select the Recharge option from the Bottom Menu.

2) Now Enter the amount your want to deposit in FieWin Account. You have to Enter Minimum 20 Rupees.

3) Now Click on the Recharge Button.

4) Select the Payment method out of given methods. For example Paytm, Phonepe, Amazon Pay, Google Pay or UPI method.

5) Proceed with Payment Method and complete the payment.

6) Now you need to Upload the Screenshot of the Transaction as a proof.

7) Click on the Upload Button to Upload the Screenshot and Click on submit button.

8) After uploading, within 1 Minute the payment will be add to your FieWin account.

This Recharge process hardly takes 2 minutes. After successful recharge, Enjoy playing games.

Tips: Welcome to use the quick recharge mode, please use APP to complete the payment of ₹500.
The transaction funds are guaranteed by the FieWin platform throughout the process, which is very safe.
Please do not include any words in the remarks.

Fiewin Agent Million Cash Growth Plan

The Fiewin app has introduced an agent million cash growth plan. Using the agent million cash growth plan, you can make millions of rupees just by inviting people to the Fiewin app.

To make money from the Fiewin agent million cash growth plan, you have to bring effective users to the Fiewin app. An effective user is the Fiewin app means, a player who recharges and plays games in the Fiewin app.

Further, the agent million cash growth plan has seven different levels where you receive different amounts of money on each level.

Level Name Tier Name Winning Amount
Level 1 Iron Rs.3
Level 2 Bronze Rs.50
Level 3 Silver Rs.300
Level 4 Gold Rs.1500
Level 5 Platinum Rs.4000
Level 6 Diamond Rs10000
Level 7 Master Rs.1000000

Become an agent of FieWin, and earn income continuously and steadily.

Effective invitation reward, 3 levels referral commission, ₹1 invite registration bonus.1

4 Methods to Earn Money in FieWin

Playing games and winning is not only way of making money with FieWin App. There are several others ways too, which can generate huge amount of Income in FieWin.

1) Daily Rewards – Registered users of FieWin app get the chance to open lucky draw and get prizes daily. On every 7th day, users get the golden chance to open the Treasure Box which can give you money up to 1000 Rupees.

To open get the reward, click on Check In button on the home screen. And then Click on Check in button. Money you get in this draw is deposited in your account and can be withdrawal in bank accounts.

2) Task Reward– FieWin App also provide task rewards to it’s users for completing specific reward such that First Recharge, Learn to Recharge, First Invitation, Orders.

To get these task reward click on the Task Reward button on the Dashboard.

3) Invitation Commission – This is one of the most preferred and easy method to earn handsome amount of money in FieWin without any risk and hardwork. You have to just Invite other people to play FieWin with your link and if your invitees play FieWin, some percentage of money is credited in your account.

You can use different methods to increase the number of invitees. Many people are earning more than lakh of rupees daily. You can see the proof below.

4) Agent Million Cash Growth Plan – This method of earning money is related to effective users. First of all let us discuss, what is effective user. So effective user is the invitee who makes the recharge of more than 100 rupees.

So there are certain rewards on completing certain number of Effective users.  To start the task, click on the Invite Section and then Click on the Agent Million Cash Growth Plan. Complete the task and receive the reward.

How to Withdraw Money from FieWin App

Many people who play online games to earn money has a doubt in their mind whether they can withdraw their earned money in their bank accounts. If we talk about FieWin game then withdrawing money is very very simple. You can withdraw your money in your bank account, UPI, Paytm, Google Pay or Phone Pe account. Here are some steps you need to follow:-

1) On the FieWin Dashboard, Click on the Withdraw Button.

2) You need to add payment method to take your money in your account.

3) You can add your UPI ID or Your Bank account. Select anyone of them as per your convenience.

4) Enter the details carefully and Click on Save Button .

5) Now Enter the Amount of Money you want to Withdraw from FieWin. Minimum amount is 35.

6) Now Click on Withdraw Button and Money will be credited in your account.

7) This way you can easily withdraw your money. If you found any problem in Transaction then you can watch the video or contact us.

Fiewin Hack Mod APK Download

You can also find a Fiewin Hack Mod APK version for earning more money through the Fiewin app. But the thing is it is not easy to find th Fiewin Hack APK because the app uses a very safe and secure pattern. The Fiewin app deals with the transaction of money, so downloading the Fiewin Hack Mod APK version is impossible.

Fiewin Lucky Rupees Link

You can open the Fiewin lucky rupees link and get more bonuses on the Fiewin app. Basically, the Fiewin luck rupees link is a Fiewin lifafa which is given by the official telegram channel of the Fiewin app. You can claim the Fiewin lifafa and earn two bonuses per day on the Fiewin app.

You can click on the Fiewin telegram channel and join it to get more bonuses on the Fiewin app.

Fiewin Prediction Telegram Channel

You can search a Fiewin prediction telegram channel to get an early prediction about the games featured on the Fiewin app. Because the games on the Fiewin app are prediction based, if you start getting early predictions of these games, you can earn a huge amount of money on the Fiewin app.

But the thing is finding a Fiewin prediction telegram channel or Fiewin color prediction channel is quite a tough task to do. But if you manage to find one, there is no surety that you will start winning games on the Fiewin app.

Fiewin Whatsapp Number

Currently, there is no WhatsApp number available for contacting the Fiewin app. However, if you encounter any problems with the Fiewin app, you can contact their customer support by sending a complaint message to their bot on telegram. I have given you the Fiewin official telegram channel link so you can click on it and get customer support from the Fiewin app.

How To Unblock Fiewin Account?

If your Fiewin account is blocked or banned by Fiewin. Then you are not the only one. Many accounts in fiewin get banned because of many reasons. The main reason is to make multiple accounts on the same device. So consider that and don’t do such things.

So now if you want to unblock your Fiewin account. You had to contact Fiewin customer support. Contact Fiewin by telegram bot. Now you can tell them your problem. Then Fiewin can decide whether to unblock your account or not. That is why it can work for some users but not for all.

How To Delete Fiewin Account?

So if you want to delete your Fiewin account. You can do it by contacting the Fiewin telegram bot.

FieWin Customer Care Number

To solve your queries and doubts Fiewin Customer Care Support is for you. Whatever your question mark is you can ask them. Here you will find the Fiewin App Customer Care Number, Email ID, Complaint Number, and other best ways to reach out to Fiewin app customer care executives.

There are many fake numbers provided on the internet that do not trust. Contact via the provided details below only.

Fiewin App Review

As you can see, the Fiewin app is a great option for earning money online. With all the features included the Fiewin app becomes one of the top earning apps. Also, you can try the Fiewin app by registering at Fiewin’s website. With these many bonuses and earning options Fiewin app becomes a must-use.

Therefore, you can start using Fiewin by downloading the app or accessing their website as well. After that, you have to choose whether you want to play betting games on the Fiewin app or you want to use Fiewin invite and earn program for earning money through the Fiewin app.

Fiewin App Download Frequently Asked Questions FAQ:

Q. FieWin App is real or fake?

Ans- FieWin App is 100% Real and also verified by us.

Q. Minimum Withdrawal Amount of FieWin App.

Ans- Minimum Withdrawal Amount is ₹30.

Q: Why is Android App Permission needed to download FieWin Apk?

Ans- The app requires access to some of your device’s features. When you will download FieWin, you will be notified of all the permissions required to run that application.

Q. How To Unblock Fiewin Account?

To Unblock Fiewin Account You Need To Contact Fiewin Official Telegram Id And Message Them. Mention Your Fiewin Registered Mobile Number And They Will Unblock Your Account Block Without Duplicate Id.

Q. Why Fiewin Account Is Blocked?

If You Will Make Multiple Accounts On Single Device Then Your Fiewin Account Will Be Blocked So Don’t Make Multiple Accounts.

Q. How Do You Earn In FieWin?

You Can Earn Money By Playing Games And Color Prediction. Also, You Can Earn Money By Inviting People. There Is Also Agent Income Available With Level 3 Income You Can Get By Simply Referring Your Friends.

Q. How Do You Beat Fiewin App?

First Add Money Then Play Color Prediction Games Just Predict What Next Color Is Going To Show If Your Money Is On Red Color And Red Color Is Display After Timeout Then Your Money Become Double That’s How You Can Beat Fiewin App.


This review must have fulfilled all your queries about the Fiewin app download this amazing app for Android & PC and enjoy it. If you like the App please share it with your friends and family.

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