FieWin Game Crash Tricks and Hacks, Win Daily and Download FieWin Apk

FieWin Game Crash Tricks: FieWin app allow users to play games and if the players wins the game they get huge money as per the game played. FieWin Apk is currently biggest gaming platform which gives users golden chance to earn money easily. There are 6 games total in FieWin and all are based on the luck and guess work.

Instead of the fact that games result cannot be predicted before then also there are some tips or you can call them FieWin app hacks which can increase your chance of winning. Here we will talk about the FieWin App crash game tips and tricks.

But before that Download the FieWin app and start playing games. If you will download from below link you will get Rs 100 bonus in your account for playing games.

FieWin App Crash Game

First we will discuss little bit about the Crash Game and how this game is played. In this game, there is a Plane which fly on screen and can Crash any time. Players need to stop the plane manually before it crash. If players are able to stop Plane they get their money multiply by the time till which Plane Flew.

For Example You Use 20 Rupees to play Crash Game and you stopped the plane after 5 seconds, you will get 100 Rupees but when the Plane Crash before you stopped it, your 20 Rupees are lost. This games looks very simple but actually it is very tricky and only people with patience and intelligence can win this game.

FieWin App Crash Game Tricks and Hacks

Any game which is based on guess work, results follows certain pattern and if you want to win that you need to be good observer of the data. Same is the Case with FieWin app where Time of Crash follows certain pattern. Let’s understand this thing with below picture.

You can see that after a long time of flight next 3 or 4 time duration is less. So with this data you can conclude that Plane Crash duration is repeating at constant intervals and you  can guess it with little patience. Wait for the right time and then put your money.

You can also use FieWin result chart to guess the right time to play Crash game. Never play Crash game repeatedly otherwise you will lost your money.

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Crash game is easy but very adventurous game in terms of money as if not played with caution can result in lost of money. So wait for the right move. This game can be addictive and play in elders guidance. FieWin has one more game that is Parity and if you are parity player then you can watch the Fast parity tips from below link.


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