FieWin Fast Parity Trick Wining and Big Up to 50k Daily

Fast Parity Tips and Tricks: FieWin app is present time best app to play games and earn money daily. There are total 6 games listed in FieWin App whom you can play and earn good amount of money daily. These are all simple games and those can be won using some really working tricks.

Here we will discuss about on such FieWin game, Parity and Fast Parity. If you are a beginner then you will come to know that how you can play Fast Parity and if you are a pro player then you can learn some tricks which can help you to get good results in Parity and you can easily earn up to 10k daily.

What is Parity and Fast Parity?

Parity and Fast Parity is same thing and only difference between them is Time Duration between to game plays. In Fast Parity there are 30 seconds to guess the color and in Parity time given is 3 minutes so that player can guess the number correctly when given long time to think.

In this game there are three colors are given from them Player has to guess one and put some amount of money on that color. Now after 30 seconds when the result is published if the same color guessed by player appears then he or she is awarded with prize dependent on the color picked.

Three colors are Red, Green and Violet and players win money according to choice of these colors. If you choose Red or Green you will get twice the amount of money if win. Whereas if you chose Violet then if wins you will be given 4.5 times the money you place.

These multiplier differs because Red and Green Colors appears frequently as Violet color appears rarely in comparison to Red and Green Color. You can see the result pattern in below image.

So if you want to big large amount then only you can risk your money in guessing violet color otherwise you can face huge loss.

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Parity Tips and Tricks

As everyone knows that Parity is the game which is based on guess work and assumption. So there are no such tips and tricks which can assure your victory so anyone claiming to be 100 percent right in guessing the numbers is false.

There are certain observable pattern which you can use to roughly guessing the right number while playing parity game.

1) One such method is to observe the previous pattern of parity game results which are published after every 30 seconds. We will try to explain you with the help of image.

Just try to observe the above image where you can see Green Color is repeating at regular intervals and this signal you can use to predict the next color. Before playing games just look at the Previous records and try to figure our certain pattern. This will help you to guess the right color instead of blindly guessing the number and end up losing all the money.

2) Digital Chart depicts that out of the total game played which color appears how many times. This chart actually help the games to find the probability of Red, Green and Violet color.

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